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IS 15061-2002: Automotive vehicles flammability test to determine the horizontal burning rates of materials; ISO 3795-1989 (E): Road Vehicles and Tractors and  ▻iso 3795, burning rate < 100 mm/min. flammaBility of ▻din en iso 105-b02: 6 -7. aBrasion rEsistanCE of fElt CovEr. ▻iso 12947-2: > 50.000 rubs.

Iso 3795 burn rate

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GM 9070P FLTM BN 24 -2. ASTM D635 - Standard Test Method for Rate of Burning and/or Extent and Time of ISO 3795 – Road Vehicles, and Tractors and Machinery for Agriculture and  Electronic balances, Weight per unit area, g/m², ISO 9073-1. ISO 8543 MVSS horizontal flammability tester, Burn rate, mm/ min, ISO 3795. FMSS 302 24 Feb 2021 2 mm/min.

25 Marino, R.J., Barros, T., Biering-Sorensen, F., Burns, S.P., Donovan, W.H.,. [CrossRef] [PubMed] [Google Scholar] Burns. JL. ,.

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Email. A test to determine the horizontal spread of flame.For more information visit:https://www.warringtonfire.com/testing-services/reaction-to-fire-testing/automo This work has evaluated ISO 3795. It was found that ISO 3795 isn’t a suitable method to test interior materials and its use has led to a low level of fire safety in military vehicles.

Iso 3795 burn rate

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Iso 3795 burn rate

This test is mainly used for quality control, production control and material comparisons. It cannot be used as a criterion for fire hazard. Ä IS 3795 Test Result Calculation. The burning rate, B, in millimetres per minute, is given by the formula.

Iso 3795 burn rate

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Iso 3795 burn rate


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The foam is available in non-FR as well as FR formulations with different amounts of halogen based flame-retardants. All Softlon foam types with denomination 'FR' such as Softlon FR comply with FMVSS 302/ISO 3795 with burning rates < 100 mm/min, a ISO 3795 is a technically equivalent standard used in Europe, Canada, and Japan; while ASTM D5132-04 is used in USA. The FMVSS 302 specifies the burn resistance requirements for materials used in the occupant compartments of motor vehicles (i.e. passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks and buses).

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