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PDF Knowledge elicitation as abstraction of purposive

quotations The scientist has expertise in the field of nuclear fusion. Advice, or opinion, of an expert. 3. Just because people use "expertises" in the plural doesn't mean they're using it correctly.

Expertise in a sentence

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Expertise in a sentence 1. Students' expectations were as varied as their expertise. 2. Customers will be impressed by the expertise of our highly trained employees. 3. She brings expertise on general financial and technical matters.

2020 — If you have to start a sentence with 'I'm not racist, but. a varied and interesting university experience that equipped her with expertise in many  8 mars 2019 — Researchers use knowledge elicitation methods to document expert language has to consider each word of a sentence to interpret its  To provide expertise and ensure a coherent implementation of Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2014/35/EU .

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High quality example sentences with “a pool of expertise” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English At No Limit Technology, Inc. we leverage our experience, agility, and partnership model to implement and execute transformational strategies for cloud adoption. We have staffing solutions that are comprised of placing the right talent in the right position, streamlining business processes and exceeding client demands. ‘The knowledge and expertise gleaned over the years is now shared with other groups.’ ‘That, at least to some extent, may well be no more than a reflection of my lack of expertise in this field.’ ‘I do rely on him because his technical expertise is superb and his ability to predict the future has been uncanny.’ Area of expertise definition is - the subject area a person knows a lot about.

Expertise in a sentence

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Expertise in a sentence

How to use Expertise in a sentence. 3.

Expertise in a sentence

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Expertise in a sentence

The remainder either had death sentences commuted or were sentenced to Ohlendorf also deluded himself into believing that his expertise in economics  life sentences, plus extended-sentence offenders (Order of Lifelong Restrictions). Our expertise in custodial · Colnbrook Immigration Removal Centre · HMP  His methods work for people of all cultures – the result of hundreds of intensive training workshops with thousands of people.

Check your entire sentence  Expert skill or knowledge in a particular field. 'technical expertise'.
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Sentence with the word expertise. While China has a massive pool of outsourcing professionals, special domain expertise is crucial in order to maintain a competitive edge. The topic of my law review note was qui tam actions under the False Claims Act. Every decade or so, a discussion comes along in which my expertise is actually relevant.

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PDF Knowledge elicitation as abstraction of purposive

Kurt’s computer expertise earned him a high-paying job.